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Website removes ad seeking 'alternative payment' from females

An advertisement from a landlord saying he would accept ‘alternative payments’ from ‘attractive females’ who moved in to his property has been removed from the lodging website Spareroom. 

The site - which issues press releases on the state of the housing market and calling for lodging reforms - nonetheless let an advertisement appear for a property in the Spinningfields suburb of inner Manchester.

Purporting to be from a landlord called Gerrard it featured images of a property which, it was claimed, would let out for £520 a week in usual circumstances. However, it would be free to ‘attractive females’ open to considering ‘alternative’ forms of payment.


The ad was taken down after a complaint by a customer service advisor at the website.

A website spokesman then told the City Life website that: “In principle we do allow people to offer discounted rates for rooms if their new tenant can also offer a specific service. In the past we have had people that have been after a flatmate that will clean, or perhaps help to look after a child.”

The spokesman continued: “In one case we had a music technician who offered a discount as long as the new roommate could help them catalogue their music collection. But in this particular case the offer of a discount did not seem appropriate, and so the listing was removed.”

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  • Emma  Mitchell

    A damning error from Spareroom, I feel that their spokesman didn't really help matters with his response - 'in principle we do allow people to offer discounted rates for rooms if their new tenant can also offer a specific service'.

    He really should have just simply apologised for the error instead of attempting to crawl out of the situation! Tut tut!

  • Felicity Blair

    This almost made me chuckle it was so ridiculous! I bet someone is getting a good telling off for letting that one slip through the net and be allowed to be included on their website! Silly man!

  • Michael Lamoureux

    Shock horror! Lonely man wants female company!


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