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The top 10 best UK cities to be a BTL landlord

Manchester has been identified as the number one place to rent out a property with an average yield of 5.55% and a rental price growth of 5.76%.

The findings come from a new interactive tool launched by GoCompare, which allows users to compare UK cities on a number of factors, including property prices, rental yields, rental growth, population under 35, the number of properties available, and the number of letting and maintenance agencies.

London ranked second by the GoCompare platform with the highest number of properties available to buy and the highest amount of properties available for renting. But property in the capital typically offers a low yield, at an average of just 3.05%, while its rental price growth is -1.12%.

Nottingham came in third position with one of the highest average yield compared to the rest of the cities at 4.46%, and 3.051 properties available for renting.

The top 10 best UK cities to be a BTL landlord



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