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One in four Brits plan bank holiday DIY

When living in a rental property, it is only natural that your tenants will want to make it feel like home as much as possible. But there are certain things they will not be able to do without your consent as the landlord.

However, there are plenty of small DIY jobs they can, and probably will, undertake which can give your buy-to-let property a lift, adding a personal feel without breaking the terms of the tenancy agreement.

New research from E.ON shows that a quarter - 26% - of Brits will renovate or make repairs to their home this August bank holiday.


With this in mind, it may be worth scheduling in a property inspection over the next few weeks to ensure that any works undertaken in the rental property are in accordance with what is permitted.

Nottingham is the most DIY-happy city with 40% of locals planning renovations, followed by Liverpool (35%), London (31%), Birmingham (31%) and Cardiff (28%).

While many people plan to do DIY this weekend, it is important that they act sensibly to stay safe.

The latest figures from NHS Digital show that there were 62,895 hospital admissions in 2017-18 related to DIY accidents such as falling from ladders, contact with non-powered hand tools and falling through floors.

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    Utter lies our tenants will be out drinking partying or doing their 4th mini break during this bank holiday.
    Additional advice DO NOT LET your tenants offer to decorate or do any DIY jobs. They are often incapable & work is shoddy. You just have to pay a fortune to get it back the way it was when they leave. Don't think you can claim from the bond because they will say that they had your permission to do this.


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