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TML removes restrictions on letting to DSS tenants

The Mortgage Lender (TML) will no longer prevent buy-to-let landlords from letting property to tenants in receipt of benefits.

The move comes after other lenders caved in to growing industry pressure by lifting restrictions on buy-to-let landlords renting to DSS tenants.

In October last year, NatWest’s lending practices came under attack after the bank told one landlord that she would either have to evict her tenant of two years or take her mortgage business elsewhere, after a blanket ban by the bank on benefit claimants.

However, a number of renters could benefit from changes to mortgage rules announced by TML, aimed at avoiding what could inadvertently prove to unlawful discrimination against benefit recipients.

David Eaves, head of national accounts at TML, which recently joined the panel of newly launched Master Private Finance, commented: “We’re delighted to have been appointed to the newly created Master Private Finance panel.

“Our products are designed to meet the demands of real life, whether that be lending into retirement, self-employment and contract work, through to our excellent buy-to-let range where we will lend to individuals and limited companies.

“We have further enhanced this with our ex-pat proposition and will now also consider DSS tenancies across all of our buy-to-let products.

“We’re looking forward to offering our unique real-life lending approach to JLM network members and clients.”

Poll: Should ‘No DSS’ wording in rental adverts be banned?


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    We don't want unemployed tenants on benefits, so why waste everyone's time, just say it as it is, NO DSS.


    Totally agree. Banning us from stating this only wastes everyone's time. I always put "No Smokers" and that tends to be almost the same thing nowadays, so that is a possible work around.

  • Paul Barrett

    Could we state HB tenants accepted subject to HB being only 5% of the total rent.
    Potentially to consider HB up to 10%
    So the LL is NOT stating No DSS he is just qualifying the extent.
    I'm not sure but if a tenant does the bare minimum of 16 hrs work to avoid the OBC what rough percentage would that be of HB to top up income?
    But still HB tenants are really just too much trouble.
    My stupid Council requires a tenant seeking to pay by HB to be given a valid tenancy BEFORE any award is worked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????
    Like I'm gonna give a tenancy to someone who might not qualify for HB. Then of course the tenant would be advised to remain until evicted.
    Councils really are deluded!!


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