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Council says it’s going to come down hard on rogue landlords

A council in the westcountry says it’s going to come down hard on rogue landlords and has identified ‘high risk’ properties where tenants require protection.

A report on the Bridport News website says that Dorset Council has additional funding to adopt a more aggressive approach towards shortcomings in the private rental sector, and it is already trialling this in the Weymouth district of the county.

In Weymouth council officers have apparently identified so-called ‘high risk’ properties in the town centre, where landlords are having their properties inspected proactively without the council waiting for possible complaints from tenants.


A Dorset Council meeting has heard that other activity in Weymouth had been around the energy efficiency of private lets “an issue some landlords were initially not keen to address because of the additional cost.”



In the 2019-20 financial year the authority had over 300 issues raised by tenants about private rented properties which has resulted in 42 legal notices being issued.

You can see the full local media story here.

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    Like a man who wears dentures demonstrating they have teeth!
    Local councils enjoy the power to label landlords as ‘ rogue’ for technicalities for example mould causes by tenants lifestyle but they don’t have the courage to go after criminals and organised crime who ignore any housing laws, as the smaller landlord get pushed out by ever increasing regulation the market will be dominated by larger corporate landlords and then an underground market of room shares, bed shares and an unprecedented amount of illegal letting without limit. They can fine as much as they like but the rewards of illegal letting far outweighs the fines- it’s laughable when I read local authorities will come down hard on landlords. Imagine the day when a housing inspector gets a real physical threat from organised crime - they will run away as fast as possible

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    Can they also come down on rogue employees(fraudsters) who collect their pay every month but do nothing or next to N! What bunch of dipsticks?? So what's new??

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    Just having a nationwide 'MoT' for rented properties say every 5 years would solve the problem. A council housing employee would have to visit, check gas safety certificates (and from next year electricity too), and a quick 5-minutes look into all the rooms should suffice, looking for hazards, health risks and possible over-crowding. That's all. Repeat visit to check if problems are identified at first visit.

    • 03 November 2020 10:30 AM

    You really are clueless aren't you!?

    Trevor Cooper

    Thanks for your opinion David, I trust you'll disregard Mr Barrett's inane comment above.

    • 03 November 2020 15:20 PM

    What total inane cr*p!

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    • 03 November 2020 12:49 PM


    You are just as much an idiot as Wirth.

    Why Don't you go away and have a think as to why yours and his comments are inane.

    Do you really need to be told how ludicrous your comments are!?

    No go away and have a think about why your comments and Wirth's are so ludicrous.

    I'll give you a clue

    Logistics and available finance

  • Ruan Gildchirst

    BTL is dead, all LLs with any sense are desperately trying to sell now before the rush. Tenants are waking up that they can stop paying rent and it will take 2 years or more to get them out.

    The government is supporting tenants and even encouraging tenants to not pay rent. LLs are being forced to subsidise all the losses from the crisis


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