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Nightmare tenant’s community service after landlord feared for safety

A landlord says he feared for his safety and locked himself in his bedroom following a drunken rampage by a tenant.

The Guernsey Bailiwick Express reports that a court on the island heard the tenant drank “a vast quantity” of vodka and when restrained at the rental property by police shouted "when I'm released, I'll kill you all.”

The tenant - Russell Le Conte - was taken into police custody but went on to flood his cell and spread his own faeces on the walls. 


The legal representative for Le Conte in court said his client was disgusted by his own actions.

But she then said: “Take note of the efforts that Mr Le Conte has made since these incidents occurred; he has got himself support and he's managed to maintain sobriety. This was a one-off relapse which was nasty and inappropriate."

Le Conte was sentenced to 80 hours of community service and a probation order, which requires him to report to a probation officer and remain trouble-free for a year. 

He has also been ordered to pay £130 in compensation for the damage he caused to the cell.

You can see the original local media story here.

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    And didn't he get off light, no justice there.


    It would have been totally different if a landlord at the end of his tether had acted like that and put a tenant in fear of his life!

    It doesn't say if the thug is still a tenant?

    Hope he's enjoying a homeless hostel or cardboard box somewhere!

    • 06 October 2020 14:56 PM

    Should have been put in gaol for 5 years at least.

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    I've just noticed this was in Guernsey. Don't they still have the birch? That would have been an appropriate (additional) sentence!

    • 07 October 2020 11:07 AM

    Bit of the old pillory will also go down well.......


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