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Landlords Beware - new How To Rent Guide issued by government

The government has issued a new How To Rent Guide - the critical document that landlords or their agents have to issue to tenants.

This is more than just a bureaucratic nicety, as failure to serve the most up to date guide invalidates any future Section 21 action.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, which has issued the update today, says the most recent previous version was dated August 7 2019 - this is now out of date.


Today's new version is here.

In the light of the importance of serving the correct version on tenants, the Guild of Letting and Management is advising landlords not to save the document as a PDF but instead save the website address so there will be access to the most up to date version.

In the event of further action, landlords must also prove the document has been saved on the tenant. The guide can be served in hard copy format or - with the consent of the tenant - via email in PDF form.

Failure to serve the document correctly, and to have proof of it being served, will invalidate any Section 21 (form 6a) served.

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    Yet another trap laid to ensure unprofessional Landlord's are unable to gain possession.
    If you are not on top of everything (and I mean everything), then you may well end up with a sitting Tenant.
    Any corner cutting landlords out there will be shaking in their boots...if they are not, they jolly well should be.

    Franklin I

    In all honesty John, I think most of the rogue Landlord's are oblivious to these guidelines, hence the reason why they get hefty fines!

    Ignorance is a disease, education is the cure!

    Some people choose to live and learn the hard way!


    You don't seem to understand the so called un professional landlord. Their way works irrespective of what ever the government legislation is out there. The ones who get caught are the innocent landlords who happen own a second property that they rent in good will and not understand the full impact of any issues that may rise. They won't be shaking in their boots either as they would be non the wiser until they have to serve such notice as section 21.

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    "How to Rent Guide" but I know one of them at least wasn't called not called a Guide at all. Surely not another NEW ONE I think it has changed 9 times in just 6 years from memory since introduction, is Shelter so incompetent when they brought it in, they couldn't get it right first time and none of their Business anyway. What ? 9 or 10 goes at it maybe they should be on the Brexit Team, can anyone tell me where I can get a good Race Horse it has to be good to keep up with this.

  • icon

    Its a Fraud on Private Landlords.

  • icon

    There'll be a how to breath guide and a how to walk guide for tenants next.


    But never a how to keep a house clean pay your rent guide.

  • icon

    Franklin I, Rules for Landlords is a disease and is Highly Contagious even more so than Corona. Ignorance is bliss.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    I did Chuckle at Page 4 that advises Tenants who struggle to find a Guarantor, - to speak with SHELTER ;-)))
    Who promptly off-load tenants to Local Authorities, - also quick to back - pedal from taking any risk.

  • George Dawes

    May as well rewrite the header as ‘how to rent without paying any rent’

    Good old Tories , screwing the electorate for all it’s worth . Then again labour are even more useless , if that’s humanly possible

  • Bill Wood

    Actually, I appreciate this new guide, a bit more plain information than the last one. A lot of it is common sense of course, but some renters aren't aware of all the ins and outs of renting, and this would help them.
    I have a newly married couple in my flat, moved in July this year, and neither had rented before, both lived with their parents. Page 11 lists what the tenant *must* do, in black and white, and re-inforces what I have put in the tenancy agreement. So the couple now know the agreement is only echoing government advice.
    Page 13 is good too. If I offer them a 'rolling periodic tenacy' next year, they can see this is quite normal, and won't be worried by it.
    There is a new 'How to Let' guide too, but I haven't read it yet.

  • icon

    Bill, Totally disagree its all rubbish in the highest degree adding more costs and brought in by Shelter to under mine S21 as you all know by now & stop LL's from taking Court Action., "How to Rent" do people think Tenants are so stupid they don't know How to Rent what have we been doing for over 40 years, now we have Tenants far more educated than LL's in the main, many with iPhones /Lap tops and probably secondary if not University Degrees. Anything they want to know all they do is look at internet. It used to be 8 pages How to rent guide & it been out 6 years but now 18 pages and changed about 9 times its disgraceful interference and not their property, we now have to incorporate it into our Tenancy Agreement or it prevents you using S21. Yours furious


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