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Tenants demand politicians take action on ‘sex for rent’ scandal

A tenant organisation has written to almost 130 politicians asking them to do more to protect renters - especially lone females - from ‘sex for rent’ landlords.

The Scottish Tenants Organisation has contacted all 129 Members of the Scottish Parliament calling for “enhanced rights” for renters, across a range of issues. 

The STO has told the Daily Record - a newspaper that has campaigned to expose the issue north of the border - that “the ‘sex for rent’ scandal by predatory landlords in Scotland who offer a room in return for sex … has to be eradicated."


It continues: “The best way to do this is to force all landlords in the private sector to register with their local authority so that they are properly vetted and licensed before they can be landlords.”

Labour Glasgow MSP Pauline McNeill has campaigned to clamp down on ‘sex for rent’ landlords and says: “My Fair Rents Bill [now being put to the Scottish Parliament] seeks to bring about a fundamental shift in power in favour of tenants and I call on all parties to back any move to protect tenants in the current crisis.”

A landlord from Cranleigh in Surrey is believed to be the first to be charged over ‘sex for rent’ allegations and he is to appear in court later this month - February - to face two counts of inciting prostitution for gain and one count of controlling prostitution for gain.


Scottish housing minister Kevin Stewart says any tenant at risk of being exploited through an exchange of sex for accommodation should contact the police immediately and seek support.

“Any private landlord offering to rent properties in exchange for sexual activity should be reported to the relevant local authority, which has the power to determine that an individual is not, or is no longer, a fit and proper person to lawfully let their property” he adds.

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    I doubt very much this goes on to any great extent, after all this is prostitution and who really wants to be getting close to one of those and catching all kinds of nasty things ?

  • George Dawes

    There's nothing between this house and the Urals. You're breathing the same air as the Tartars - I should charge you extra.

    Miss Jones !

    On a serious note this is pretty disgraceful tbh . Shades of Dickensian London . So much for progress eh ?

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    I have responded but again my comments are not published even though I was responding to a pack of Lies, where there is only one case ever in England, the first case in Surrey not yet proven so its only an allegation. The Article talks about wide spread and wants the Law changed, come on now find some real issues to deal with and they are plenty.

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    Seen as my longer response was not posted. I have to point out again those false allegations against LL's currently looks like one or nil, certainly not wide spread. There are scores of proven cases of Tenants using sex for rent / Brothels about 20 closed down in Borough alone in London in recent times that's what I would call wide spread, so turn a blind eye to all this and stack one potential case against the LL to lobby to change the Law of the Land now that's what I call real injustice.

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    The rag tag SNP and their Labour cronies are doing their best to turn Scotland into a third world country and this further attack on all landlords is yet further evidence of their extreme left wing views.

    Anyone on average or above average earnings now pays more Income Tax in Scotland than elsewhere in the UK but many are fooled by the derisory 19% rate which gives a maximum of £20 reduction to lower earners.

    Only the lowest of the low benefit from this unholy alliance out to destroy anyone they perceive to be better off than them by exploiting every tenuous excuse like this virtualy non existent "threat",

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    • 01 February 2021 15:40 PM

    Oooer..........I just got on here note saying I will get banned????????
    Is free speech not allowed here, in case some wimp feels hurt?????????????


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