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Anarchist group says activists should hold anti-landlord protests

An anarchist group has admitted that protests against landlords and letting agencies present opportunities for disruption.

The Solidarity Federation says it aims to “advance working class struggle locally” to “promote class conscious community spirit based on solidarity and mutual aid.”

The organisation says direct action in the community can take diverse forms including rent strikes, anti-bailiff protests and mass non-payment of taxes.


Specifically in relation to the private rental sector, the Solidarity Federation website says: “...agencies are vulnerable to direct action tactics such as pickets and occupations. SolFed Locals should take on this kind of dispute in line with the general principles set out here: not seeking to act as a service, but including the wronged individuals as active participants in direct action and seeking to build a wider culture of resistance.”

In recent months there have been many protests outside agency offices and landlords’ homes; protesters have adopted the technique advocated by this anarchist group, involving individuals - who may not have been in the group - as apparent victims.

Tenant bodies are also ripe for infiltration. The anarchist website says: “We recognise that residents and tenants associations can play a positive role in local community life, but they are also at risk of being co-opted by the state. 

“We are in favour of active participation in such groups that are independent of the local council and police, and also support the non-hierarchical federation of these associations as a step towards community self-management.”

The Solidarity Federation also wants activists to use regeneration as an opportunity for disruption. 


It says: “Gentrification is a complex process, which often involves pitting existing small businesses against incoming big ones. Whilst we do not wish to end up fighting for one set of capitalists over another, struggles over local developments are often flashpoints which bring people together. 

“Gentrification is also harmful as it can often break up established working class communities. For example, the practice of building luxury flats, which cannot be afforded by members of the community, in order to yuppify the area. 

“This process not only prices out many poorer people in the community, but it is done without the consent of people in the area, which raises the issue of community control.”

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    • 03 March 2021 09:14 AM

    And the Government will do what?


    Most likely brush it under the carpet.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Letting Agents subject to interference from Tenant activist groups should contact us.

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    ....and where are the rental brigade activists going to live when all the private landlords give up? Maybe they should try getting an education, a good job, working hard, saving some money and buying a property for themselves!!! Maybe then they'd not commit so much wilful damage to property either if they had to pick up constant and unnecessary repair bills!

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    Well they have plenty to say, that's ok have your protest keep knocking Private LL's you are and will get what you deserve. Its laughable really they can't see whats happening everything they are on about to destroy Private LL's is to aid the Billionaire Builders to Build High Rise unwanted unsuitable Flats, rope-in as many young renters as possible to purchase those over priced Flats, now even give them the Deposit actually, 95% Mortgages and no Stamp Duty, saddling them with in many cases 35 year Mortgages / life sentence, later when they have family it will be unsuitable accommodation.

  • icon

    They talk about working class. They're not!


    Working Class? I'd really like them to try and pigeonhole me.
    I'm from a typical rough council estate in the West Midlands. My wife and Iourselves started, ran, and sold our business after 20 years and retired early. We also had a half share in 8 rental properties along the way, we now have 4 properties due to the current and impending landlord persecution.
    We still consider ourselves to be working class, having worked without hand out's for the last 40 years.
    They should try it, it works.

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    There is no need for them to worry protesting about Luxury Flats all the normal ones will have the Luxury price tag that will keep you on bread & jam. As expected we have the Billionaires Budget today they must be looked after the Big Developer's they can't be left holding those tens of thousands of high rise concrete frame tin clad horrible carbuncle boxes jammed on top of each other, density does seem to count in Planning terms anymore. The economy totally mismanaged by Children running the Departments, extended Furlough another £135m pd, WHO PAYS. They can protest all they want we are sick of them. It was a sorry day for me to become a LL 43 years ago, what for to be abused & treated as a Criminal when I could have been retired years ago.

  • James B

    It’s a shame these low IQ morons don’t focus instead on improving their members abilities to enter into employment which may lead to them not being tenants and having nothing better in life to do than protest.
    Life is too short and these people are not going to be living a very fruitful one !

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    all current pols are socialists

  • George Dawes

    Solidarity from their mothers basements

    Epitome of pathetic losers

    They’re not working class as none of them have a job - or life


    They have lives - low lives, and hopefully short lives!

  • icon
    • 17 March 2021 16:05 PM

    That's a bit rude?


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