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Anti-landlord group objects to curbs on protests

The activists group Acorn, which has staged several anti-landlord demonstrations including some outside homes, is opposing a new Bill going through Parliament because it proposes to crackdown on some forms of protest.

The controversial Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill - which also includes other government proposals on crime and justice - gives the police additional powers over some forms of protest. 

Currently if the police want to place restrictions they generally have to show a protest may result in "serious public disorder, serious damage to property or serious disruption to the life of the community".


However if the Bill becomes law, police chiefs will be able to impose start and finish times, set maximum noise limits, and apply those controls not just to mass protests but to a demonstration even by a single individual.

Acorn has waged numerous anti-landlord and anti-letting agent campaigns in recent months in different parts of the country, including protests outside landlords’ homes and an incident at a Home Counties agency in which two activists were arrested. 

Now it is attempting to get social media to adopt the nickname ‘PoliceCrackdownBill’ for the new Parliamentary measure, and it has tweeted: “The #PoliceCrackdownBill will give police more power to stop protests, criminalise [traveller] communities, and prioritise the rights of rich landowners at the expense of our right to roam.”

In other tweets it says the Bill “simply cannot be tolerated” and urges its followers to contact MPs and “demand they protect rights and civil liberties.”

Also yesterday, Acorn tweeted an allegation of sexual harassment by a landlord and a photograph of six people visiting what was said to be the home of the same landlord “to demand a written apology and a £750 donation to Survive.” 

Earlier this month local media in the Homes Counties report that two arrests were made after police were called by a lettings agency where a large number of protestors appeared to attack the building.



The arrests were made when members of Acorn attempted to gain entry to a branch of Review Homes lettings agency in High Wycombe town centre.

The Bucks Free Press quoted a local police spokesperson saying: “Officers attended and arrested a man, aged 21, on suspicion of criminal damage. He has since been released under investigation. A woman, aged 27, was also arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and bailed.”

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  • icon

    Let them protest and avoid social distancing as much as they like, but only until they get vaccinated.

    One way to alleviate the housing shortage?

  • icon

    If they hate LL's that much, why the f**K don't they save their money and buy their own property!


    Simple Val, they have no money because to them WORK is a rude 4 letter word.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Great to see the Bristol Squatters getting some justice ;-)

  • icon

    Unbelievable... It seems like open season on landlords! Anyone else want to have a go?

  • icon

    i oppose the govts attempts to further ban protests

    Algarve  Investor

    Blimey, Terry, we finally agree on something. You're absolutely right. You can disagree all you like with Acorn-type protests, and sometimes these do seem to cross the line, but moving towards banning protest outright - or at least stripping it away as a basic human right - is a very dangerous precedent.

    Under the cloak of the coronavirus regulations, that's exactly what the Tories are trying to do. Life's much easier for the government and big companies if you can't strike or protest, after all.

  • George Dawes

    Outrageous , the way things are going there will be anarchy

    Maybe that's what they want ??

  • icon

    It seems we have anarchy already it’s ridiculous, when Police tell you to move on you move on, not confront , kick off and cause a seen with your own agenda to get on TV. Then call for Commissioner to resign as if it was her fault, some people think they can do what they like.


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