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Student leader says landlords treated better than tenants in pandemic

Landlords have benefitted from tax breaks, subsidies and a weak eviction ban according to the National Union of Students.

Larissa Kennedy, the organisation’s president, has written to Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick to claim landlords have been treated far more favourably than tenants generally and students in particular during the pandemic.

"Landlords have already received significant financial support from the government over the past 12 months” she writes, citing the stamp duty holiday and the mortgage payment holiday schemes for which landlords have been eligible. 


Now she wants government to:

- Wipe off arrears for any tenant who has incurred debt because of Coronavirus;

- Refund lost rent to landlords because of arrears - but only up to 80 per cent of the lost funding and only for landlords “upholding their legal and contract obligations to their tenants”;

- Urgently bring forward the Renters Reform Bill; and 

- "Set out a strategy to tackle the long term affordability crisis in the rental sector.”

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    Poor little snowflakes, so hard done by, lol.

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    Yes looks like we are being treated very well ?. Loads of arrears 6 months notice minimum, another 6 months or more to get to Court, in the meantime possibly supply the accommodation for free & no redress. Only Court or Tenant can end the Tenancy, LL can’t without Court Order. Tenant can up sticks and walk off at anytime they like no Court required, now getting rid of S,21 to rub salt into the wounds. So this is what Student Leader calls treating LL’s far better than the Tenant.

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    All adults buying or owning properties are eligible for the "benefits " she mentions but we shouldn't expect children like her to be bothered by facts like grown ups have to.

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    Many LL’s on here from time to time seems to think they’ll get the arrears but generally no. I have had all that over the years when arrears get too high they usually leave, if you didn’t get paid while they were living there you are certainly not going to get it when they are gone. So now just add the backing of Gov’, Courts, Council’s ,Shelter and the others putting the knife-in, we are powerless.


    Generally we are just pleased to see the back of them, however why should they be allowed to get away with this, the last time I issued a ''money claim online'' it cost me just £60 (tax deductible) and I did get some money out of them that time, but it's not the money for me, it's the princible, even if I get no money, they get a CCJ which screws their credit history and warns other landlords / agents when they apply to rent another property.

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    I've obviously missed out on all these benefits! Silly me for not being aware of them. Perhaps I should stop reading the daily Landlord Newsletters, attending the NRLA webinars and Local Authority Landlord Forums.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    - WHAT Tax breaks, and subsidies ? - Can students please tell Landlords !

    As for weak eviction ban - landlords have been prevented from using the Civil law since March 2020, which has been extended numerous times. - running into 15 months. - It couldn't get any Stronger. !!!

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    • 12 March 2021 17:11 PM



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