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Labour anti-eviction activists outline three-stage campaign

The Momentum group on the left of the Labour Party has outlined a three-stage campaign to secure a longer term ban on evictions and other measures.

The campaign - called Eviction Resistance, set up last autumn - involves extensive use of social media and WhatsApp groups for individuals to locate their local campaigns and to seek “direct support from HQ”.

Momentum’s “campaign hub” website outlines the strategy: 


- “Mobilising in support of renters’ unions to take direct action to prevent evictions and stop landlords making people homeless in the middle of a pandemic”;

- “Building a political anti-eviction movement against the government to fight for: a reintroduction of the eviction ban [until at least August this year], rent debt forgiveness, and an end to ‘no fault’ evictions”; and

- “Educating renters about their legal rights and winning them over to a socialist solutions to the housing crisis.”

 The site tells activist readers: “It’s up to you to choose how to pursue these goals.” 


Over last weekend there were socially-distanced protests by Momentum against agents and what the organisation called “the big landlords.” 

These took place in Southend, Tower Hamlets, Ealing, Loughborough and Charnwood, Lewisham, Catford and Bromley, Southwark and Lambeth, Hammersmith and Fulham, Wandsworth, and Bradford and Shipley.

Momentum is a pressure group that reached its greatest influence during the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

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  • George Dawes

    1. Lie in bed all day
    2. Moan about everything
    3. Stay in bed



  • icon

    This is why a labour government will not be elected.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Agree, but its very worrying that there are 10 MILLION Numpties in this country prepared to install a Terrorist sympathiser as Prime Minister !


    boris s leftie

    Algarve  Investor

    What's more worrying is nearly 14 million people were willing to - and did - elect a proven liar who's been sacked numerous times, who's cheated and screwed over pretty much anyone he's ever come into contact with, who has come up with some pretty questionable statements, who lied about Brexit, and who changes his mind and principles according to what suits Boris.

    Those who said they couldn't stomach Corbyn and then voted for Boris have some weird logic going on, given that Johnson is a far worse person than Corbyn, who admittedly has plenty of baggage but fundamentally seems a decent guy.

  • icon

    The politics of hate and envy are slowly being reigned in and will not wash (no pun intended) with the electorate. There are deep rooted issues hindering supply and Momentum, rather than working for a solution, are making matters worse. Perhaps they could start with the local authority planning departments, whose over-bureaucratic negativity to development, are fuelling the obvious lack of supply for both social and private housing.

  • icon

    I can't believe what I am reading, they want to stop LL's making Tenants Homeless ?, we seem to be the very ones Housing the Homeless or putting a roof over millions of Tenants Heads, so they want to stop us Providing Homes for them, wonderful see if I care. So many LL's selling up figures don't show it yet, I see 6 Sale boards for Houses for sale in just 2 adjacent Roads in outer London previously Landlord Houses, what used to be ideal letting houses near station (£550k to £650k price range), not surprising too many rules, Licensing Schemes, Thumped up Penalties, Fire Doors, Interlinked Fire Alarms, Emergency Lighting, DEICR, EPC up grading, Section 24 taxed on a debt, Section 21 taking forever to remove free loaders & now taking S'21 away altogether, How to Rent, Right to Rent, ICO's, Must keep Pets etc...now is your chance please come and buy them "Momentum Group" pay your Mortgage for next 25 / 35 years and all other costs. Then you can moan to the Lender, Who is not going to have your stupid nonsense, so get on with it.


    I must agree, it just totally beggars belief that they are accusing landlords of all people of being a cause of homelessness when the entire raison d'etre of being a landlord is to provide a roof over people's heads, in return for payment for the service. Next they will be accusing supermarkets of making people hungry and demand that people be allowed to have whatever food they want from the shop!


    Landlords do not make tenants homeless, tenants make themselves homeless by not paying the rent, it really is as simple as that.


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