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Pets in Lets -  Build To Rent cashing in on tenant preferences

The most common feature in Build To Rent developments is an issue dividing landlords - pet-friendly homes.

Some 47 per cent of BTR developments actively listed state that they are pet friendly, according to a survey by Manor Interiors.

After that the second most common build to rent feature is car parking, a common feature shared by 40 per cent of the developments currently being advertised.


Some 33 per cent of BTR developments come with an on-site concierge, while 27 per cent offer free WiFi to all tenants, 26 per cent offer a resident’s lounge or other shared communal socialising space, 20 per cent offer an on-site gym and 12 per cent offer some sort of communal garden space.

Farhan Malik, chief executive of Manor Interiors - which commissioned the study - comments: “Build To Rent is increasing in popularity so quickly because it offers a truly modern renting experience. After decades, if not centuries of an unchanged private rental industry, tenants are starting to kick back against the poor standards and inflexibility common among private landlords.

“It’s clear that the build to rent industry has listened to these renter frustrations and responded by ensuring that their developments cater to the evolving expectations and needs. 

“We see this in the fact that nearly half of build to rent developments are pet friendly, an increasingly common renter demand that private landlords have long refused to engage with.”

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't most build to rent flats? How is that fair to the pet? Pets need to be in homes with gardens not stuck in a block of flats with no outside space - that is just a selfish owner in my book.


    That was my first thought too.


    All of us thinking the same on this! Possibly a bit of virtue signalling going on here? The reality may be somewhat different


    Agreed, flats are not suitable for pets, as I've said before I'm one of those very few landlords that will '' CONSIDER'' pets, but only in houses with suitable gardens .

  • Matthew Payne

    Its a hollow claim to make a headline. Its says 47% of BTR developments not units, so if one goldfish is wecolmed at a site it qualifies. There will be small print, such as which units and type of pets qualify bringing that number plummeting back down towards what you would expect.

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    Same thermology as Mayhew report from York the consultation for licensing, it referred to 36000 house holds in Ealing, without telling us whether a house hold was a studio flat, terraced, semi or a large house.


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