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Michelle Amato
Michelle Amato
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Michelle Amato
You know with all said and done, the Government rely on the PRS and yet every housing minister comes up with some hair brained regulation and always against the Landlord. They want rid of the landlord that only rents out his old hone. They want rid of the small portfolio landlord. What they want is Housing Associations purchasing more rental or building where they can then take from the LA's homeless list. They are working their way to bringing back rent controls for sure but somehow forget or really don't care about rental prices being set by a supply & demand market. They are already forcing banks to remove the BTL mortgage offer clause about only renting to professional tenants, which basically we all know is anyone in a job and not anyone on benefits. It's a business. At the end of the day, I'm not here to subsidise the councils lack of available housing. That said, twice I have rented to tenants on benefits and twice I've had to evict them and deal with the expense of getting the properties back to a good standard. The arrears and damage we write off. If they gave a job, trace them and go for attachment to earnings!! Fortunately I am able to deal with S21 & S8, and complete and submit claim forms to the Court myself, deal with all evidence and attend Court and no I'm not a lawyer or in the legal profession but I've been a landlord for many years and in the property business for over 37 so I'm familiar with Where agents and landlords go wrong. . WHO WOULD BE A LANDLORD IN THIS DAY ABD AGE? 😂tongue in cheek

From: Michelle Amato 21 June 2019 20:04 PM

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