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Lyn Roberts
The type of damage done is not the sort of thing you would take a photo of e.g my kitchen worktop had been peeled off in a strip of around 3'. According to TDS I needed a photo of every square inch of kitchen worktop to be covered - despite the fact that my ex tenant signed the inventory without saying it was already damaged (it definitely was not) TDS believed her. £16k it cost to repair the fire damage outside of the house and fortunately I was covered by insurance (but that wasn't straightforward either). She broke 2 basins but because I didn't take photo of the pedestal for one or a photo of under the basin bowl for the other, TDS would not let me keep the deposit to pay for them and the insurance would call each damage a separate claim and I would have to pay the excess of £250 for each claim. Same with smashed kitchen floor tiles - ins would only cover the broken 12 not the others which I can't match. My inventory claims 2 brand new 3 seater recliner sofas. Nothing for them either because of we are and tear - you should see them! In 2 years they've been used as dog beds and covered in pee stains and stink to high heaven. Again, TDS say its wear and tear. Insurance call it malicious damage - all in all it has cost me £5k inside repairs plus whatever a gardener is charging me for putting garden and patios right plus new cover for hot tub. They also destroyed the American fridge freezer so I have to pay to cart it away. I'm afraid that TDS also don't look out for the landlord - they only let me keep £500 of the deposit. Nobody looks after the landlord and I'm done. I'm selling up completely.

From: Lyn Roberts 06 August 2016 07:23 AM

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