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BTL landlords need to assess how green their properties are right ‘now’

With just over a month until the opening of the Green Homes Grant, buy-to-let landlords in England should be in a...

21 July 2020

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New crowdfunding property investment opportunity launched in Nottingham

A new crowdfunding project has been launched by Shojin Property Partners allowing investors to make a minimum investment of £5,000. The investment...

14 December 2018

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BTL landlords offload almost 4,000 properties a month

Landlords are selling close to 4,000 buy-to-let properties a month resulting in the first recorded fall in the number of rental...

28 August 2018

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New landlord group launches in the North East

A consortium of businesses has joined forces to form a new regional landlords association in the North East of England. The North...

30 May 2018

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Property crowdfunding attracting more international investors

There has been a sharp rise in the number of overseas investors investing in UK crowdfunding development projects, including buy-to-let schemes,...

10 May 2018

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Lomond Capital expands rental management business in Birmingham

Lomond Capital has acquired a major Birmingham residential letting portfolio from national property services business SDL Group. SDL Property Management has decided...

03 May 2018

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Property crowdfunding attracting growing number of millennials

There has been a significant increase in the number of millennials investing in property crowdfunding, new research by Shojin Property Partners...

24 April 2018

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More than half of BTL landlords to offload properties, says Property Partner

Over half of private landlords plan to sell some of their buy-to-let properties this year, it has been claimed. Some 54% of landlords...

12 April 2018

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Landlords urged to invest in buy-to-let via crowdfunding

Buy-to-let landlords who are deterred from expanding their property portfolios due to recent legislative and tax changes, but still wanting greater...

22 March 2018

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How will Brexit affect the rental market in 2018?

There has been much debate about Brexit and how it will impact the property market and the economy as a whole. ...

02 March 2018

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Investing in property continues to deliver ‘very healthy returns’

Despite a host of anti-landlord policies adopted by the government, including higher stamp duty and the phasing out of mortgage tax...

08 September 2017

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Landlord confidence bullish despite higher buy-to-let taxes

A number of landlords remain confident about the buy-to-let sector despite tax hikes hitting the private rented sector, research shows. More than...

21 July 2017

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Where can landlords find the best mix of affordability and rental return?

Fresh research using a combination of house prices, salaries and rental prices suggest that Stoke-on-Trent is the best destination to invest...

19 June 2017

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Chancellor fails to deliver for buy-to-let landlords

Despite pressure from the property industry, including landlords, letting agents and housebuilders, the chancellor Philip Hammond opted not to reverse the...

09 March 2017

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Christopher Merriman, Land and Planning Director at Intro Crowd

What does it say on your business card? Christopher Merriman, Land and Planning Director at Intro Crowd Who are Intro Crowd? Intro...

10 February 2017

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The government’s private rented sector policy is ‘hypocritical’

New housing policies affecting the private rented sector, including longer tenancies, boosting the supply of much needed housing and plans to...

08 February 2017

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Buy-to-let landlords are 'suffering from recent tax changes'

The government is being urged to reconsider punitive tax relief changes for buy-to-let income which is set to be introduced in...

08 February 2017

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Landlord borrowing falls by 7% as lull hits buy-to-let market

The level of buy-to-let borrowing was down 7% between August and September as the introduction of the 3% stamp duty surcharge...

16 November 2016

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Significant rise in new buy-to-let listings

There was a sharp increase in new rental properties listed in October, mostly in major towns and cities, according to fresh...

11 November 2016

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Average Londoner left with no choice but to rent

The chances of would-be buyers in London getting a foothold on the housing ladder remain slim, mainly due to high property...

29 October 2016

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Rental property supply plummets

The supply of homes listed on the market to let has fallen sharply now that pretty much all of the buy-to-let...

18 October 2016

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Private rents rose 2.3% in August – ONS

Average rents paid by private tenants increased by 2.3% in the 12 months to August 2016, as demand for rental housing...

30 September 2016

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Tenants face potential rent rises as the supply of rental homes falls

Tenants are potentially facing steeper living costs following a significant drop in the supply of rental properties, new figures suggest. Some 87.6%...

20 September 2016

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Revealed: The student towns that offer the highest buy-to-let returns

Buy-to-let landlords seeking high rental yields should consider buying properties to let to students in the north of England, research suggests.  Of...

26 August 2016

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House prices rose in May despite higher stamp duty bill for landlords

Residential property prices increased across Britain in May despite uncertainty ahead of the EU referendum and significantly higher stamp duty bills...

20 July 2016

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Buy-to-let lending set to ‘cool significantly’

Mortgage lenders look set to impose more stringent checks on buy-to-let landlords seeking funds to acquire property, as part of a...

18 July 2016

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Stricter lending criteria could see investors locked out of buy-to-let

Buy-to-let landlords could be forced to stump up more than 60% deposits in some locations if all lenders introduce stricter borrowing requirements,...

05 July 2016

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Slump in supply of properties available to rent

There was a notable decline in the volume of new rental properties listed by landlords in May as the recent stamp...

09 June 2016

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Cash incentives to help bring empty properties back into use

Homeowners and prospective landlords across the Deepings and Bourne districts of Lincolnshire are being offered grants of up to £5,000 to...

03 June 2016

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Rental homes flood onto the market

Landlords who rushed to acquire homes before the new 3% stamp duty increase on buy-to-let properties and second homes are now starting...

16 May 2016

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Buy-to-let returns top all other asset classes

With savers receiving dismal returns from banks and building societies, thousands of people have unsurprising turned to residential property as a...

13 May 2016

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Landlords urged to oppose mortgage tax relief

Small-scale landlords with mortgages on their buy-to-let properties are being urged to fight back against unjust mortgage tax relief changes by...

06 May 2016

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Phase two of Tenant Tax campaign launches

A group campaigning for the abolition of the buy-to-let tax grab have launched the second phase of its crowdfunding campaign and...

18 April 2016

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Spike in rental property listings

The rush to beat the 1 April second homes stamp duty deadline saw a big rise in new rental properties being...

08 April 2016

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More than half of landlords halting portfolio investment plans

With just three weeks to go until the 3% stamp duty hike on buy-to-lets and second homes kicks in, research suggests...

15 March 2016

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Landlords will be “forced into debt” if rates rise, says crowdfunding website

A property crowdfunding website has claimed that “traditional” buy-to-let could become unprofitable in seven out of 10 UK towns and cities...

02 March 2016

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Government to be challenged in court over BTL tax grab

A legal campaign to fight punitive tax relief changes for buy-to-let landlords has progressed to the next stage. Two landlords, Steve...

02 February 2016

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Landlords say “reasonable chance” of judicial review of BTL tax change

The two landlords behind a campaign to seek a judicial review of George Osborne’s controversial mortgage interest tax relief change say...

25 January 2016

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Property Partner launches tax change calculator

Property crowdfunding platform Property Partner has launched a buy-to-let calculator, which shows landlords the full impact of the cuts to their...

23 November 2015

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Another property crowdfunding platform opens its doors

A new property crowdfunding platform named Propnology is set to launch after receiving full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority. Like its...

07 October 2015

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Landlords will lose money if interest rates rise - claims

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) has warned landlords to plan ahead to futureproof their investment. It says standard buy-to-let properties will lose...

02 September 2015

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Rents up 2.5% in the past year

Private rental prices paid by tenants in Great Britain rose by 2.5% in the 12 months to June 2015, according to...

03 August 2015

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HMOs “outperform standard BTL by 40%”

Analysis carried out for Platinum Property Partners (PPP), comparing HMOs rented to professionals and other asset classes, shows that HMOs were...

06 July 2015

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Landlords fail to take costs into account for BTL

UK landlords are at risk of overestimating the profitability of their buy-to-let investment by neglecting to take into account key running...

29 April 2015

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