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New Delivery Hub aims to meet environmental targets

A Delivery Hub will be set up by a new cross sector Future Homes Task Force, comprising of representatives from across...

25 September 2020

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Fury at potential evictions ban extension

There was widespread disappointment among buy-to-let landlords when the government decided to prolong the existing ban on tenant evictions until 20...

16 September 2020

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New six-month notice period is introduced

Buy-to-let landlords must now provide tenants with at least six months’ notice period prior to seeking possession through the courts in...

01 September 2020

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Notice periods extended with a view to ‘supporting renters over winter’

Buy-to-let landlords in England will now have to give tenants six months’ notice to vacate their property except in cases involving...

24 August 2020

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Retail to residential conversions set to rise

The government’s decision to grant new housing applications in England “automatic” consent as part of planning reforms should lead to a...

07 August 2020

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Rishi Sunak slammed for supposedly ‘helping people invest in BTL properties’

Labour has criticised the government’s decision to introduce a stamp duty holiday, claiming it offers a “huge bung” to those buying...

13 July 2020

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Stamp duty holiday: Rightmove records a very busy day as housing demand spikes

Rightmove yesterday recorded a sharp rise in searches for property on its website as it was forced to deal with pent...

09 July 2020

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Extension to eviction ban – three things landlords need to know

Earlier this month, the government confirmed that its ban on evictions due to the coronavirus pandemic is to be extended for...

12 June 2020

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Renters will ‘feel more secure’ following extension of the tenant eviction ban

The government’s decision to extend the ban on landlords evicting renters will help to ensure that no-one will be evicted from...

08 June 2020

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Unions demand that all rent payments are suspended immediately

Some of the UK’s largest tenants unions have joined forces to heap pressure on the government to suspend all rent immediately,...

13 May 2020

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Is the government planning to extend the ban on evictions?

There are growing concerns that buy-to-let landlords could be banned from evicting private tenants beyond next month due to the coronavirus...

05 May 2020

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Petition calling for ‘rent holiday’ to support tenants hits 100,000 signatures

The government is under mounting pressure to consider doing more to protect tenants from the threat of eviction during the coronavirus pandemic,...

15 April 2020

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Complete ban on evictions and additional protection for renters from today

The court service has from today suspended all ongoing housing possession action, which means that neither cases currently in the or...

27 March 2020

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Three month mortgage payment holiday for buy-to-let landlords

The chancellor’s promise of a three-month mortgage payment holiday to customers affected by coronavirus has been extended to buy-to-let borrowers whose...

19 March 2020

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Petition calls for ‘rent holiday’ to support self-isolating tenants

The government is under growing pressure to consider doing more to protect tenants from the threat of eviction during the coronavirus...

17 March 2020

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The government cannot force landlords to accept renters with pets

With many tenants being forced to get rid of their pets under current rules from their landlords, the government is planning...

25 February 2020

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Christopher Pincher replaces Esther McVey as the new housing minister

Boris Johnson has unveiled his new look cabinet, which includes the appointment of Christopher Pincher as the new housing minister. Pincher replaces Esther McVey,...

14 February 2020

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Government calls on landlords to allow tenants to keep pets in their properties

Many pet-owning tenants have a tough time finding a suitable rental home, as few landlords embrace the idea of a pet...

07 January 2020

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The Guild supports clampdown on rogue landlords

The government’s decision to invest an additional £4m in funding for local councils to tackle criminal landlords and letting agents has...

06 January 2020

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New £3.8m fund to help local authorities crackdown on rogue landlords

Fresh funding for local councils in England to tackle unscrupulous landlords has been made available, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local...

05 November 2019

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Let’s not overlook the needs of UK landlords

Just when we thought we might have finally made some credible progress on Brexit, it looks as though looming uncertainty will...

01 November 2019

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Scrapping Section 21 could lead to ‘open-ended tenancies and rent controls’

The government’s plans to scrap Section 21 notices to evict tenants could potentially pave the way for the introduction of open-ended...

14 October 2019

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Government’s focus on homeownership ‘serves only to hurt tenants’

New communities secretary Robert Jenrick and housing minister Esther McVey look set to focus on increasing homeownership, but this appears to...

12 August 2019

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Esther McVey becomes Housing Minister, while Robert Jenrick is Housing Secretary

Robert Jenrick has been named the new Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, while Esther McVey has been...

25 July 2019

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