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New tenancies are now almost back to pre-pandemic levels

The number of new tenancies is almost back to pre-pandemic levels following a sharp decline in activity during the second quarter...

22 July 2020

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New guidance to help landlords arrange accommodation check-outs

The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) has issued fresh guidance to help students and landlords in England and Wales arrange accommodation check-outs...

24 June 2020

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Do you need to lower your tenancy deposit amounts?

The government has provided clarification on deposit cap requirements following the end of the transition period on 31 May. For tenancies in...

18 June 2020

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Average monthly rents remained broadly unchanged in Q1 2020

Average monthly rents across the country increased by just £2, or 0.26%, on Q4 2019 to hit an average of £775...

29 April 2020

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What aspects of the home are causing concern when it comes to cleaning?

Cleaning is often identified as the most common cause of a tenancy deposit dispute in the private rented property sector.  Figures provided...

30 January 2020

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The proportion of income spent on rent drops despite increases in rental level

Despite increased rent prices, the proportion of income spent by tenants on rent decreased between 2016 and 2019, according to The Deposit...

27 January 2020

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Top tips to prevent damp and mould this winter

Tenants sometimes complain their property is damp and mouldy, and request that their landlord take action to address the problem. Landlords,...

03 December 2019

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Rents rise well below inflation, new figures show

Rent increases in the third quarter of 2019, as released by The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) Rent Index, reveal growth...

10 October 2019

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Rents Increase Across UK

The most reliable indicator of rental trends in the UK As the largest provider of deposit protection in the UK, our database...

27 August 2019

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Tenancy deposit cap will ‘eventually affect a significant proportion of properties’

More than four out of ten tenancy deposits managed by the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) are currently higher than the recently...

07 August 2019

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Significant increase in rents in Q2 2019 – DPS

The UK saw a sharp rise in average rent from £757 to £771 a month, up 1.79% during the second quarter...

11 July 2019

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Inventory provider anticipates a surge in tenant activity next month

Landlords and letting agents are being urged to prepare for a significant increase in tenant activity from the start of next...

16 May 2019

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Renting became more affordable last year, says The DPS

A fall in annual rents and wage inflation helped ensure that renting became more affordable in 2018, according to The Deposit...

24 January 2019

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UK rents facing first full year of negative growth since the global financial crisis

The UK rental market remained in recession during the third quarter of 2018, the latest figures from The Deposit Protection Service...

25 October 2018

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Student landlords forced to deduct money from tenants’ deposits

Almost a quarter of students lost part of their rental deposit when they left their accommodation at the end of the...

04 October 2018

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Rental market is in recession, says The DPS

The UK rental market is in recession for the first time since the global financial crisis, according to The Deposit Protection...

17 September 2018

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Here are some useful tips when doing an end of tenancy clean yourself

Having a cleaning checklist to ensure your property is in a good condition is important for both landlords and tenants. End of...

07 September 2018

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Cleaning is still the biggest cause of deposit disputes

Cleaning has once again been identified as the most common cause of a tenancy deposit dispute in the private rented property...

06 September 2018

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Average UK rents fall for first time in six years

Average UK rents have fallen for the first time in six years, fresh data shows. The slowdown in the rental sector reflects...

26 April 2018

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Average tenancy deposit edges closer to £1,000

  The average tenancy deposit paid by tenants in England and Wales now stands at £967.84, with deposits of properties with a...

31 May 2017

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The DPS has played a ‘massive role’ in driving up standards in the PRS

The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) is celebrating a decade of custodial deposit protection this week as it marks the 10th...

07 April 2017

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Private rented sector has major role to play in preventing homelessness

The appalling rise in the number of people sleeping rough in England illustrates the importance of private rented accommodation, according to...

31 January 2017

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Landlords need support to deal with changing ‘illegal immigrants’ legislation

The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) wants to see more ‘support and information’ offered to landlords to help ensure that they properly...

08 October 2016

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Tenancy deposits edging closer to £1,000 threshold’, says DPS

The typical deposit a tenant has to pay when moving in to a new home in England and Wales is moving...

02 September 2016

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Landlord tax changes will lead to rent increases, says survey

More than two thirds of landlords say that changes to buy-to-let mortgage tax relief will lead to increased rents, according to...

26 November 2015

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Tenants don’t want longer tenancies, says DPS survey

Eight out of 10 renters want tenancies of a year or less, 40,000-strong survey by The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) suggests. 39,855...

09 November 2015

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Students twice as likely to lose part of tenancy deposits

Student tenants are almost twice as likely as other tenants to lose part of their deposit, according to the Deposit Protection...

23 September 2015

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Half of tenants “do not attend check-out”

Almost half of tenants in England and Wales do not attend a ‘check-out’ at the end of their tenancy, according to...

29 July 2015

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