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‘Earn money in your sleep’ by investing in property, says ex-footballer

Football legend turned property magnate Robbie Fowler, estimated to be worth more than £30m, is behind free advice on how to become a successful buy-to-let landlord.

Fowler, who owns a large property portfolio, is encouraging the public to take a £1,000-a-head ‘property academy’ course to become, like him, a multi-millionaire landlord.

His property empire once led Manchester City fans to sing “We all live in a Robbie Fowler house” to the tune of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine during his time playing for the club.


The Robbie Fowler Property Academy, which is run by Legacy Education Alliance, is offering free two-hour workshops on property investing in the south of England this month.

Events will be held in London, Hounslow, Slough, Colchester, Bishops Stortford, Brentwood and Stansted Airport.

On the Property Academy website, Fowler said: “Investing in property can give you the chance to earn money in your sleep. If you train with trusted experts, your 'sleeping' or passive income can be as big or small as you want - whether you want a bit of extra cash or a completely new career.

“Whatever your professional or personal circumstances, to be successful in any aspect of your life requires confidence and the right mental attitude. LEA training not only provides you with trusted expertise built over 10 years in the UK market but also the correct mindset for success. ”

For a full list of the workshops taking place this month, click here.

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    It's a scam to make you spend even more money and Robbie Fowler won't be there.

    I doubt he even knows much about it.

  • Don Holmes

    Actually its not a scam in relation to the courses, they do exist and offer some tricks of the trade. But you are correct in the assumption that Robby wont be there, why should he? He has a appointed trainers to deliver the course.
    But what is misleading as in many of these courses, is the line about being a property millionaire? Yes, like Robby who actually made his money in football, investing in rental property during and after his career and has built a large portfolio and worth a few quid, but like we say on our website, "There is no such thing as an overnight millionaire" it takes Time, Education, and application, Oh and a lot of hard work and some luck.
    But it can be done.
    If you really want to get fully submerged into a property career, check this out


    yes it takes time and hard work for most of us, i started my portfolio in the late 80s as an alternative to the rip off private pensions, run down terraced houses and corner shops out of auctions and renovated, today my portfolio is probabley worth around 2 -3 million, all paid for and earns me a good income, in fact it enabled me to retire from the day job 10 yrs ago aged 54, i'm still hands on though, clearing up the mess some tenants leave behind and repairs as needed. it's not a get rich quick game, but it is well worth it over time.

  • icon

    It is a scam Don Holmes.

    Google 'Legacy Education Alliance' and look at the reviews. They are the same people behind the 'Rich dad, Poor Dad' seminars. The initial seminar gives you a few snippets about buying property (Most of which can be easily found on the internet) but the main focus is to sell you an even more expensive course because they "couldn't possibly tell you everything in such a short time".

    Avoid it like the plague

    As Andrew Townshend has said. A modest portfolio can provide a decent retirement income but it takes time to build it up. Having said that, the government are doing their best to scupper this with the 3% stamp duty tax on investment properties. But that is another story.


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