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Landlords ordered to pay more than £5k after letting flat with no windows

Two landlords have been fined for letting out a flat that had no heating or windows.

The flat, located above commercial premises, on Brook Street in Chester, CH1, contained a number of serious fire hazards.

Sandeep Jarjapu, of Belgrave Street in Chester, and Nattha Gohill of Seller Street in Chester, were prosecuted for failing to comply with a prohibition order served under the Housing Act 2004.


Following an inspection by safety officers in December 2017, a prohibition order was made, banning the landlords from renting it out, but a subsequent inspection in June 2018 revealed the property was occupied.

The pair must now pay £5,286 following a successful prosecution by Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC).

Maria Byrne, director of Place Operations at CWaC, said: “As a council we are very keen to ensure that tenants living in the private rented sector are housed in properties that are safe and free from hazards.

“We will not tolerate landlords who choose to house their tenants in property that is not fit for human habitation.”

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    • 01 May 2019 13:38 PM

    Yes it is becoming a bit boring now.
    It is about time Council started prosecuting white British LL otherwise peiple will start to believe that ethnic minority cultures tend to engage in LL criminality.
    I can't believe this is the case but the evidence seems to suggest this is the case.
    Councils must be seen to prosecute white LL as well as coloured LL.
    It surely cannot be the case that councils cannot find any white LL to prosecute!!!!!!?????

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Standards and norms are different in other countries and cultures. I'm Not ! saying that's an excuse, it isn't, but it goes some way to explain why you keep finding certain ethnicities dominating this kind of Housing contraventions


    Yes but this is england respect our laws and ways as we do when we visit their countries.

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    • 04 May 2019 15:25 PM

    Well perhaps Councils in areas where ethnic minorities predominate should engage in an education programme to advise these cultures that they need to comply with regulations in the UK irrespective of what they do elsewhere.
    Educate rather than prosecute would I'm sure result in a better PRS for these ethnic minority cultures.
    Obviously if they fail to respond to education then prosecution is the final sanction.
    But I can't believe that such ethnic minorities do not suffer from inability to speak and understand English which unfortunately is the case amongst much of the PRS in these communities.
    I believe they need assistance in complying with PRS regulations.
    I have no time for criminal white LL who have no excuse at all.
    So it should be the case that before the kneejerk response of prosecution occurs that the ethnic minority LL should be sat down and explained to until understood what the problems are with a property.
    If a translator is required then so be it.
    If no satisfactory resolutions as far as the council is concerned occur then prosecution should occur.
    I guess I am saying give the ethnic minority LL a chance as he may not understand things due to poor English.
    Doing things this way might start to prevent the seemingly never ending prosecution of ethnic minority LL which quite frankly is giving them a bad name whilst at the same time reinforcing prejudices that such ethnic minorities are taking the p### out of the majority white population which leads to justifed anti -immigrant feeling.
    Councils need to up their game and help these criminal ethnic minority LL.

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    Hi Paul.
    I am not so sure that they don't understand what they are doing? Maybe they use this as an excuse in an attempt to get away with it.
    After all, 'ignorance of the law is no defence'.
    If I broke the law in another country, they wouldn't be so lenient of my not understanding the language.
    It would be entirely up to me to make myself aware of what was required and if necessary, make myself conversant in the language.


    I rather agree with john on this one, they know full well that they are breaking the law, and they understand english when it suits them to do so.

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    • 04 May 2019 16:33 PM

    I guess I am saying what I am based on the usual neo-liberal pro immigrant metropolitan elite idiots usually come out with their rubbish.
    So with education of criminal ethnic minority LL of whatever culture then cannot say they are being persecuted by the white majority.
    I guess giving them a chance is a better response than prosecution.
    But one strike and then you are out.
    No matter how achieved surely better for all if better outcomes are achieved using education rather than prosecution!?
    Unfair on white LL but then life ain't fair!!

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    I believe the LL should update themselves about the law. However, LL with 1-2 properties may not be well informed about the legislation that keep on changing. The Local authorities should have some way of informing the change in/ or new laws governing rented sector.
    I am also in the knowledge of LA accommodating their tenants in the substandard and filthy accommodations, homeless families, in particular. Such LA operate with impunity as they see to be not prosecuting themselves


    Membership of a landlord assoc is worthwhile even if you only have 1 let property, i'm a member of eastern landlords assoc £70 per year (tax deductible) and worth every penny, they keep us upto date on everything and only a phone call away for advice.


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